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Our purpose is to make a spiritual contribution to society

“From hand to hand , heart to heart, forging peace between peaple with the warmest sincerity”.

    This is the ideal we strive for when serving our customers. Each individual has his or her own way of life. If there are those who live life smoothly, then there are certainly also those who stumble along the way. It is those people who clumsily, but earnestly live out their destinies that really inspire us.

    We have built our business upon the idea of passing warmth from our hands to the hands of our customers and the members of our staff are all kindherted, pure individuals, fostering a bright, vivacious working environment.

    After the collapse of the bubble economy, business practices and management have constantly been under evaluation. We truly value the relationships we have with our customers and pride ourselves or not compromising our integrity by submitting to cutthroat competitive principles.

Establishment of Yasuda Nenju Ten and Historical Background

The founding of our store

    In 1683, our founder Mr.Sojiro Fujiya opened Yasuda Nenju Ten as a supplier to head temples in Kyoto at the beginning of the Edo Period at the site of our current head office. The long chaotic wars had just ended and a peaceful future filled with hope and promise lay ahead.

The neighborhood of our store

    Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi united Japan under his rule and ordered restoration around the Kamo River and construction of temples in this area. The head temple Seiganji of the Jodo west mountain Fukakusa sect was moved to the Kamo River area from the Nishijin area creating the foundation of a temple town now referred to as Teramachi (Temple Town). The former Seiganji-dori has been renamed Rokkaku-dori and Teramachi gradually developed into one of the busiest streets for temple visitors up untill the early Edo period.


  1. 1683 - Establishment of Yasuda Nenju Ten
  2. 1952 - Opening of Tourism Dpartment Store at Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
  3. 1953 - Establishiment as a Limited Company.
  4. 1967 - Opening of Sanmegro Store and Nishi Gotanda office, Tokyo.
  5. 1980 - Opening of Porta Store in Porta Underground Shopping Mall, Kyoto.
  6. 1985 - Opening of Sales Department at Head Office.
  7. 1988 - Opening of Sales Office in Sapporo.
  8. 1994 - Opening of Sales Office in Fukuoka.
  9. 1997 - Opening of Cube Store in Kyoto Station Building, Kyoto.
  10. 2003 - Opening of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Store in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Dpartment, Tokyo.
  11. 2012 - Opening of Kyoto Takashimaya Store in Takashimaya Dpartment, Kyoto.